Welcome to the Lascivious Zone


Luna Zega Erotica

Luna started reading when she was four years old and hasn’t stopped. By the age of nine, she was writing stories about school and her pets in notebooks that were carefully stored under piles of dirty clothes and stuffed animals. Realizing that her daily life was too boring to interest even the most hardcore bibliophile, she turned to fiction. Her teenage years were spent killing off the head cheerleader in grisly murder mysteries. After destroying the competition, Luna created elaborate, romantic settings in which the hottest guys in school could seduce her. Over the years, the world in her head has developed into a fascinating place populated with kilt-clad Scottish warriors, lonely and brokenhearted soldiers in need of a little TLC, smoldering Samurai, luscious Latinos and wild, unbridled cowboys

It’s easy to know when Luna has escaped to her little world to play.

The grin on her face tells all.


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