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Linda Joyce sat down with me and asked some pretty interesting questions, including the following.  Please visit Linda Joyce’s blog for the entire interview.

What 1 or 2 things are aphrodisiacs for you?

For me the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world is a man who gets my jokes. Make me laugh, I lose my panties. I like a man with a brain. I need to have an intellectual connection with a guy before he arouses me. Then, of course, there are those times with the other aphrodisiac comes into play and no talking is needed. You know the song Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off? It was my theme song for many years. It’s amazing how hot some men get after I’ve had 3 shots of tequila.


One of my favorite questions of all times, came from an interview with Rynne Raines. Check out her blog for the complete interview.

RR: You’ve got six key words to describe your own wicked fantasy. What are these six words?

LZ:Castle, Renaissance, Knight, Banquet, Exhibitionist, Threesome.


Fellow Wild Rose Press author, Rachel Leigh, asked me a few interesting questions.  Click here for the full interview.  I think the answer to this question, says a lot about me:

What are you reading now?

The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships and Other Adventures by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. I find the concept of polyamory quite intriguing. I’m not sure that humans are set up to be monogamous. Sure swans are, but humans? I find the openness of polyamory admirable, but I’m not sure I’m mature enough to handle it. I’ve found this book very helpful in getting my mind around the concept.

Recently, I was interviewed by Moctezuma Johnson for Girls Carrying Books:

I recently contacted the author of Tokyo Tease and had a chat via the wonder of the Internet. The author’s name is Luna Zega and she writes some really hot sex scenes that hinge on very flushed out real characters from her farm very far away from where I sit in Asia. She had previously taught English in Japan so I guess we kind of gravitated towards each other. Check out a chat between her and I and see for yourself how cool she is.
Moctezuma Johnson: How long have you been writing erotica?
Luna Zega:
I started writing erotica in 2011. I write contemporary romance under the penname Claire Croxton. My editor told me that my contemps are considered “hot” and I should give erotica a try. It’s the genre that sells the most, so I decided to give it a go. It’s fun to write, but it requires a lot more concentration and interruption-free time than the other genres I write. I live on a farm with my mother—thank God, not in the same house, but that doesn’t matter. She has remarkable timing. It never fails. She always pops into my house when I’m writing the most intense scenes. It’s difficult to get back to the scene after your 76 year old mother drops by to ask about a sheep’s gestation cycle.
MJ: What category would you put your writing into? We hate to label, but we love it.
LZ: The publisher I work with, The Wild Rose Press, considers my work “two rose” which means “Erotic Romance that may contain subject matter that is offensive to some readers, including extreme explicit language, anal sex, BDSM, fetishism, ménage, and/or GBLT.”
Luna Zega
I want my characters to be well developed (as much as possible in 80 pages or so) and I want them to experience self doubt as well as have a few self esteem issues along with the arousal and satisfaction. I don’t know too many women who automatically assume that every man they meet wants them. And, let’s admit it, those women who do think that way just get on your nerves, right?  Of course, the men are buff, gorgeous and smoking hot, but they are also compassionate and kind. No matter how handsome a man is, he loses his appeal if he kicks kittens and is rude to waitresses.  That being said, the action starts right away. This isn’t a romance where the heroine says something that ticks off the hero and they argue for 90 pages.  The characters explore their emotions between orgasms.
MJ: Judging from the publicity your book has received I think that female readers relate to your character Natalie. However, I am a 37-year-old male born in New Jersey and wandering through Asia and I related to her strongly. What do you think it is about her that makes her such a charming character?
LZ: Thank you! I’m glad you find Natalie charming. I like her too. She’s the girl-next-door—the sweet, pretty girl that no one really notices because she’s best friends with the sexiest, hottest woman in the county. She’s the quiet, behind-the-scenes girl who gets things done. No one realizes how or why everything is in place and ready to go because she does it for them. Natalie has suffered a major blow to her self confidence. I think everyone can relate to that. I also think everyone can relate to having a crush on someone he/she thinks is unattainable. Plus, Natalie’s acceptance of her roommate’s unorthodox lifestyle shows she’s not a judgmental prude. Overall, I wanted to create a character that everyone could understand, sympathize with and cheer on. I hope I’ve achieved that goal.
As an American man who is living in Asia, I’m sure you’ve met women like Natalie. As explained in Tokyo Tease, the majority of Western men want Asian women. The majority of Asian men desire petite, blonde Western women. Natalie doesn’t fit into either category, so her dating life has been rather stagnant since arriving in Japan.  She’s not needy or vulnerable. She’s still a strong woman, so I think that makes her a likable character.  When she gets what she wants, I hope readers are happy for her. I know I sure was!
MJ: What do you think it is that makes you express yourself through erotica?
LZ: That’s a good question. Not something I’ve ever considered before.  Hmmm…well, I like sex. I’ve never been afraid to express myself and I’ve never shied away from writing realistic scenes in anything I’ve written.  When my editor suggested I give writing erotica a try, I jumped at the chance.  Most of my friends are writers and several have asked me to help them write the love scenes in their books.  It’s not something you can force. If you’re not comfortable with certain words or particular activities, then you can’t write it. It has to be true to who you are as an author.
That being said, I find erotica more of a challenge to write than other genres. Not because I can’t think of awesome scenarios. God knows, I spend most of my days thinking of such things. The challenge is writing fresh scenes and not using the same words and actions over and over again. Sure, repetitive action is great in real-life sex, but reading “he pressed against her” and “throbbing cock” repeatedly bores the reader.
MJ: What made you choose Tokyo, Japan as the location for your novel?
LZ: I taught English in Tokyo. Loved it. I’ve always wanted to set a story in Tokyo and honestly, the train scenes are a long-time fantasy of mine. So, I decided to go for it.  Plus, I can certainly relate to Natalie’s situation. I’m neither petite nor blonde. However, naked Marines in my living room wasn’t uncommon. Darn it. I wish!
MJ: When you’re not writing steamy smut what do you do with yourself?
LZ:  This is so boring.  I live on a farm in the Ozarks in Arkansas. We raise heritage breed (essentially endangered) livestock. We have hogs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and soon geese. It’s busy and hectic and crazy.  I also have a house in Alaska where I’d like to spend my summers, but with the farm I don’t get there as often as I’d like.  I also love to cook and I make quilts.  Yeah, I know….yawn.
MJ: Who is your favorite writer?
LZ: Without a doubt, Elizabeth George. She writes British mysteries with the main characters: Inspector Lynley and Barbara Havers.  Recently, I met Desiree Holt. USA Today called her “The Nora Roberts of erotica.” She’s an absolute delight. I’ve read several of her erotica stories. If you’re looking for some major kink, check her out.
MJ: What is your favorite book?

LZ: This is a tough one. I have so many.  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is simply brilliant. As a child, I read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. That book inspired me to become a writer. There’s an obscure book by Colleen McCullough, The Ladies of Missalonghi that I read once a year for over a decade. It’s about a woman who has no prospects, no fortune, no hope and yet she prevails. Love it!

MJ: Finally, can you tell us a little bit about your latest book.
LZ: My latest book is Desert Dreams.  It’s about a woman who sent a care package to a random soldier in Afghanistan and they started corresponding via e-mail. When he finally gets stateside the sparks fly. I’m really having a great time writing the e-mail exchanges. They are so romantic and yet steamy as hell.
MJ: Will you write me a short bit to post on my site. That would really get Moctezuma going.

Luna has always been an avid reader and that love naturally led to writing her own tales of woe, romance and sultry summer nights. Over the years, the world in her head has developed into a fascinating place populated with kilt-clad Scottish warriors, lonely and brokenhearted soldiers in need of a little TLC, smoldering Samurai, luscious Latinos and wild, unbridled cowboys. It’s easy to know when Luna has escaped to her little world to play; the grin on her face tells all.

The lovely and talented, Rachel Leigh invited me to her blog for a second interview–please click for the entire interview. I did like this question:

Tell us about your first car:

Ha! My first car was a 19xx (really old) baby blue Ford F-150 pickup.  I planted an acre patch with 1,000 tomato plants and worked that field every day for an entire summer to earn the money for that puppy. I remember arriving my junior year of high school with an awesome tan and one banged up, but totally awesome truck. I was so cool…not.



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