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Reviews for Southern Seduction


From Offbeat Vagabond:

Southern Seduction was a quick and very erotic tale of missed opportunities. A woman named Ramona is out gardening when Ross Spears shows up to her house. Ross was a guy she has been in love with since the second grade, but he never seemed to noticed. Now that he has bought the house behind hers, those old feelings she had come back with a vengeance.

      I really liked this. Now as I had said before, erotica is new for me, I am still getting a handle on how it works. So certain words I am not use to specifically those on the human anatomy. So that did catch me off guard. But this book is about nothing but sexual escapades and fantasies coming true. Ramona is so into Ross, but I am not sure how into Ramona Ross is. Holy crap, I didn’t mean for that to sound dirty, but just roll with it a second. Throughout the story, Ross came off as the let-me-get-mine-you-get-yours type. So I didn’t really like him no matter how hot he looked in jeans or without them. There was even a time when Ramona reminded Ross who she was and he got upset. I didn’t get that. I didn’t get a real grasp on either character really. There wasn’t much of a plot. But like I said, this was about years of fantasies coming to life. And boy did they.
      Nonetheless, this was a super fast, super sexy read. This is something you definitely read late at night, very very late at night. Definitely NSFW kind of reading. I was unsure of the actual romance until the very end and that sort of came out of left field for me. I would have liked it more if that was expressed more. But overall, a good read. Zega definitely knows how to bring the heat.
Review:  Southern Seduction lives up to its name! Ramona and Ross go together as well as their names. Sex between the main characters fogs up the screen, coming together in a variety of different places and ways, each hotter than the first. You may want to keep a cool glass of something to sip.There was sweetness about the second chance aspect of this story. Who didn’t have that unattainable crush back in school they’d spent time fantasizing about? How amazing would it be to have that reciprocated?  This is a first person point of view so I often found myself wondering what Ross thought or did when he wasn’t with Ramona. If you’re looking for a quick read with tons of hot sex and a solid, but minimal plot, this may fit the bill.Tiffany Nicolos: Amazon

Ramona Squires is me…and probably you too. She is every women who remembers the passion and pain, lust and longing, of her first unrequited love.
When Ross Spires re-enters Ramona’s life, Southern Seduction becomes Ramona’s (and all of our) fantasy come true in hard, hot, erotic detail.
Luna Zega fills this quick (and often one-handed) read, with humorous-as-hell narrative, emotional depth, and make-you-want-to-scream sex scenes.
I would recommend this book to any woman (and any guy who wants to see what real pleasure looks like).

Reviews for Tokyo Tease:


Riverina Romantics

Natalie was a very brave woman. It takes a lot of guts to move to a different country for work. She is very curvy which makes her stands out like a sore thumb. She has a crush on her boss, Kentaro, but she isn’t sure he even knows she is alive until he teases her on a train. Natalie lets the opinion of some fat pimp put her in a very bad emotional state. She got into her head and thought the worst when really she is gorgeous. Once she realized that his opinion wasn’t the opinion of every man she blossomed.
Kentaro has lusted after Natalie from afar for a long time. He made excuses to go to her shared cubicle and talk to Maya when really he just wanted to look at Natalie.  He finally made his move on the train by teasing her and it was a bold move. It could have backfired very easily.
Jenn was Natalies’ roommate and I liked her. She was open about her love of casual sex and I loved that Ms. Zega wrote her that way.  I thought Jenn was extremely nice and supportive of Natalie. She did her best to tell Natalie she was beautiful even thought Natalie didn’t believe it.
I really liked this book. Natalie was a fun character while Kentaro sounded yummy. She did care a bit too much about how people viewed her. She would have been a much happier person if she would have loved herself first. The teasing train moments were fun and sexy. I loved the sex scene in the office because it was where the attraction started. The book was very well written and steamy. My favorite part was when the roles got reversed between Natalie and Jenn.
Luna Zega has written an interesting bit here. The characters are real and not ridiculously over the top. There is a good mix of emotion, absurdity, and sex. I enjoyed this. I find erotica is often hackneyed and cliché but this was not.
“Tokyo Tease is a totally fun, sexy and very hot romp. Every woman will identify with Natalie and fall in love with her story. Want to feel good? Feel sexy? Take a fantasy trip? Then this is definitely the story for you.”
~Desiree Holt, author of Out of Control

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